welcome to this space, this place where the everydayness of real life will be documented.

if you knew me years ago, then you might remember that i once had a blog that captured my streaming line of consciousness, simple joys and travels, ordinary thoughts and the like. it was essentially a journal. i used that space as a creative outlet, a way for me to reflect and grow and share my life in the process . i don’t know what exactly kept me from continuing my blog. the introduction of Instagram, perhaps. or starting a new chapter as a married lady. whatever it was, i’m glad it did. the time away allowed me to evolve, to shape my perspective, beliefs, and priorities. i consider my old blog a reflection of my twenties – the years of incredible change – and this one, well, i hope it to be a reflection of me now…the same me, but with a little more sense of self.


so here we are in this passion project of mine, living wabi-wabi. when i first started learning about this japanese concept – of celebrating the perfectly imperfect – i realized the life i’ve been living, the priorities i’ve been making, the relationships i’ve been growing are all essentially wabi-sabi. i see this philosophy best described by architect and author leonard koren:

“…a nature-based aesthetic paradigm that restores a measure of sanity and proportion to the art of living.”

all along, i had been delighting in things simple and modest, putting value in transience and natural progression, but never quite understanding that that type of mentality was, in fact, a lifestyle.

in this journey ahead, i hope to honor my wabi-sabi way of life – the everydayness of it, the wholeness of it, the intention of it. basically, i just want to share a life unscripted. if anyone wishes to follow along, or if no one reads beyond this post, i’ll still be here, trying to make some sense of this crazy beautiful existence.

i’m erica, a thirty-something who believes a balanced life is one in which green tea comes before wine. hello, welcome. 


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