on markets

fact: i am a market enthusiast. i am that person who considers a trip to the farmer’s market a wholly grounding experience, a time to reset and get in touch with the senses. in fact, it was the single thing (aside from eating cake) that i wanted to do for my birthday this year. a way to set the tone, i suppose.


living in los angeles, we are immune to weather changes that typically come with the seasons, but a quick jaunt through the market, and we are easily reminded of the time. blistered tomatoes – summer. persimmon – fall. citrus – OH CALIFORNIA CITRUS – winter. and here we are in spring (earth day to be exact), totes filled with asparagus and strawberries, radishes and snap peas. you can’t really have expectations when visiting the market. it’s either in season or not, available or already picked through. who knew a simple trip for goods could be a lesson on freedom and flexibility?


today was no exception to the joys of engaging with the farmers, tasting their offerings, loading up on a week’s worth of produce. but something felt different. like my senses were incredibly heightened. walking the aisle, my eyes wandering from one lush stall to the next, i felt an overwhelming gratitude for what comes out of this earth of ours. how is it that we are able to ingest things that sprout from the ground, and in so doing, nourish every part of our living selves? how is it that cycles exist to deem some things edible during one month, essentially inaccessible the next? I thought about the grand markets in paris and those of peru, the similarities, the differences. how lucky are we to share the commonality of growing food and selling food and eating food with people unknown to us, near and far! when you feel like this world is going to shit, think about that. think about the markets.

i probably, most definitely, bought more butter lettuce than we’ll need for tonight’s salad. and i am certainly running out of vessels for my flowers. but truth be told, this body, this soul, needs every last bit of what the market has to offer. even if it’s just a walkthrough. even if it’s only to feel connected.


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